Light Utilities

Light Utilities

Add a range of lighting effects to your Palm


  • Powerful nightlight
  • Amusing for a moment


  • You'll quickly get a headache

Not bad

Mobile devices make great nightlights, as anyone needing to go to the toilet in the middle of the night on a camping trip will testify. In fact, some software developers have now started building apps spefically designed around the lighting capabilities.

Light Utilities, for instance, provides you with a range of lighting effects designed to be both practical and fun. You basically get three different lights - 'Strobe', 'Party' and 'Nightlight', and each has its own unique attributes.

The strobe option displays very rapid bursts of bright light continuously. It's fun to play around with in the dark but ultimately serves no purpose, and could be damaging to anyone who suffers from epilepsy.

Likewise the 'Party' mode isn't particularly useful for anything, except for enducing headaches. This time, the screen flashes a series of different colours then lots of different coloured lines cross each other in a psychedelic fashion.

The only seriously practial tool within Light Utilities is the nightlight, which provides you with a full beam on your phone for walking around in the dark.

Beware though, because leave it on too long and it will quickly suck up your battery.

The nightlight is quite practical and the other two light functions are fun for a couple of minutes, but ultimately pointless.

Turn you phone into a Nightligh/Flashlight or Strobelight or Partylight. This version for newer phones with midp2. 0, next version is for midp1.

0 and should be compatible with more phones. Play around with the three different light settings and impress your friends with the cool effects.

Light Utilities


Light Utilities

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